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Curriculum enrichment programmes

Chango Music is a delivery partner for Bristol Plays Music, the music education hub.

Our goEducation curriculum enrichment workshops are primarily aimed to engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music. They are designed according to the National Curriculum aims and attainment targets for the appropriate Key Stages, with supporting documentation provided for teachers. 

See below for our workshop offering from a range of world styles and traditions, using authentic instruments, songs and compositions. 

Go Africa

There is a saying that in traditional West African music there is no audience, only participants. Music is an integral part of village life. Music accompanies the farmers in the field by day and community dances in the village at night. Music is an essential element of every marriage, initiation, ritual and funeral. Our hands-on African drumming workshops are not just a lesson in music, but also in culture and tradition. 

This workshop is also available with a dance option.

goAfrica is available in the following formats:

One-off taster sessions
Immersion days
Regular sessions

Chango Music African drumming curriculum enrichment workshops in primary and secondary schools in Bristol
Rhian Williams Chango Quest music facilitator