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Chango Music drumming workshops are an engaging and effective way of encouraging group cohesion, creativity and self-confidence.

With drumming having almost universal appeal, even the most diverse of groups can come together to create and share a totally unique drumming experience.Whatever your reasons for organising a drum circle, we will tailor our approach to help you meet the needs of your group.

In the past 10 years, we have provided thousands of drum circle experiences in different environments and to all ages and abilities and we always tailor our workshops to meet each individual objective. 

Read our case-studies below to see examples of the work we do and contact us to discuss how we can tailor a drumming workshop for you.


On a beautifully hot day in May 2014 we joined 1200 of Bristol & South Gloucestershire’s liveliest Brownies to celebrate their 100th year at the Big Brownie Birthday! 

After piling on the sun-cream we set-up a drum circle outside in the sunshine and played host to numerous groups as they made their way around a circuit of varying activities to complete their Star Quest. 

Inspired and enthused by such a spirited bunch we have remained in close contact with the GirlGuiding movement and have since facilitated many evening drumming workshops for Guiding & Scouting Units in the Bristol & Gloucestershire area.  

Our drumming workshops fit perfectly into a weekly meet or larger event and provide an energetic & engaging team activity for your Pack.

We offer a special Scouting & Guiding Drum Workshop Offer for groups in the Bristol & South Gloucestershire area, who book during our off-peak season (Sept-April) -

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Chango Music drumming with Brownies, Big Brownie Birthday